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The device for putting on shoe covers SK-CM

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All for a long time already know and saw in the market many different devices for dressing shoe covers. This machine is not a novelty in its work.

But again, but! The device for putting on shoe covers SK-CM has stepped on generations ahead. Since this device is fully automated and has its own microcomputer, which in turn performs important tasks. These tasks are what makes SK-CM a unique and intelligent machine for dressing shoe covers.

!!! This product is delivered on 100% prepayment. Delivery period 3 - 7 weeks !!!

Let's look closer to the machine itself. First of all, I propose to sort out the model series of the SK-CM shoe covers, and there are 4. Among them, they differ in the following:

SK-CM-W: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in the White case.

SK-CM-S: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in Silver case.

SK-CM-WH: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in the White case, with a reliable steel handrail.

SK-CM-SH: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in Silver case, with a reliable steel handrail.

These devices differ only in appearance. Internal parts, and functionality remain unchanged.

In the model series, we have figured out, now we turn to the functions and features themselves. The SK-CM is fully automated and has several sensors for comfortable and unique operation.

And so does SK-CM work? Visually I suggest watching the video.

After switching on the device immediately automatically (deploys) the cover in the compartment for putting on shoe covers, which, in turn, is pulled out from the cassette, which is installed in it. Having a special sensor, the device can not capture several shoe covers simultaneously, which is often found in other devices. Also in the device SK-CM a special sensor is built in, which does not automatically release the shoe cover when the user lifted the leg to the desired depth of the compartment. NOTHING TO PUSH or TO ENTER. The machine does everything by itself! Even such a sensor is not a part of perfection. Since SK-CM is equipped with another sensor that does not allow you to chew the booty, or even the leg of a person after wearing the first shoe covers. He has a special sensor that will not allow the device to deploy a new cover, as long as there is a third-party object in the compartment.

And the main thing is that the machine works very quickly. The period from one dressed shoe covers to the next only 2-3 seconds! Which is very comfortable and reliable. After feeding the shoe cover and ready to put it on the user, the device will turn on the illumination of the cover for dressing shoe covers. What will be the signal of complete readiness. In analogous devices such a simple but comfortable device is not. The device also has a display-counter of the remaining shoe covers. When loading, set the number of shoe covers in the cassette, and the device counts them when dressing. Very convenient, knowing when to replace the cassette.

When using automatic machines for dressing shoe covers, the factor of curved backs is excluded, inconvenience in opening and putting on hand shoe covers, as when dressing shoe covers manually the user smears his hands on his shoes, which is not hygienic. Not to mention pregnant women, people with disabilities, people after operations and people with disabilities. In such cases, devices for dressing shoe covers are irreplaceable!

Now let's move on to the technical aspects of the review. Since the device needs to be serviced, namely, to replace the shoe covers for the SK-CM cassette.

And how do I replace the cassette with shoe covers?

Very simple. Let's analyze everything step by step:

First step.

Take the cassette with shoe covers for the SK-CM and open its upper part (the one on which there is an arrow). Inside, put the plastic plate (box) on the topmost shoe cover. Then close the box, as it was before opening, but already with a plastic plate (box) inside.

Second step

Switch off the machine. Open the loading bay, insert the cassette into the special cell so that the top part is the arrow pointing to the boot cover.

Third step

Close the boot cover. Turn on the machine. After power-on, the device will automatically apply (deploy) the shoe cover in the dressing compartment and light it up. This signal is fully operational. On the display, set the number of loaded shoe covers to countdown them with the machine.

That's all The device for putting on shoe covers SK-CM is fully ready for work.

Now let's take a step-by-step look at how the machine itself works in pictures:

First step

Second step

Third step

As you can see, everything is very simple. The device automatically feeds, unfolds and releases the shoe cover when the user's foot has been sufficiently immersed in the compartment. FULL AUTOMATIC APPLIANCES!

It's time to start discussing the advantages over other similar devices. And so let's take a look at what's better than the device for putting SK-CM shoe covers on its rivals, we will highlight 5 problems that have already been resolved and have long been behind thanks to SK-CM:

Sphere of application: Clinics, hospitals, medical institutions, cosmetology, dentistry, fitness clubs, production facilities, laboratories of all types, dust-free shops and all rooms where dust-free cleanliness is needed.

By the way, there is still a similar but still better device for dressing shoe covers SK-CL so that it has enlarged cassettes with shoe covers in TWO times

Technical parameters of the device for putting on shoe covers SK-CM:

Machine size: L63 * W31 * H75 (cm)

Power supply: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

Power consumption: 50 W

Voltage inside the device: DC12V

Capacity of one load (Cassette / box):

Shoe Cover of PE: 100 pcs. (50 pairs) per box (cassette)

Bache of CPE: 80 pcs. (40 pairs) per box (cassette)

Boots of non-woven material (Spunbond): 50 pieces (25 pairs) per box (cassette)

Packing: 1 pc. In the box

The weight of the device is SK-CM gross: 20 kg.

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