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Delivery Information

The company Bakhily.ukr offers its customers the most simple and popular methods of payment and delivery. Since we value the time of our customers, realizing that time is money.


How can you pay off with the company Bakhilyukr for products in one of the ways more convenient for you:

·         By bank transfer. We will bill your organization, and only after crediting money to our checking account we will be able to make the shipment of the goods. To receive an invoice, you need to send us your e-mail (info@buhily.ukr) with your registration documents and the order itself. In return, you will receive a bill for payment and a call from the manager to clarify the delivery and other trivia.

·         Payment to the Privat Bank card. You can pay for the goods on the bank's private card. Which is very convenient. Do not leave the house through the privat24 system or directly to the bank branches, at the self-service terminal. Privat Bank's card 5168 7426 0807 9566 (Duka Alena Sergeevna) SPECIFY the account number for payment or order number in the payment order! Be sure to check the availability of the goods before payment!

·         Cash on delivery. The company Bakhily.ukr makes sending cash on delivery ONLY to its regular customers! In connection with the often occurring problems of non-serous buyers, who in turn do not take the goods and the company incurs losses in the delivery of the goods in both directions.

The minimum amount of the order in the company is equal to the cost of one package (box / box). For shoe covers it is from 1 000 thousand pairs or (capsules / acorns), shoe covers for apparatuses - one packagings. For devices - from the 1 st unit.

Delivery of goods:

Delivery of Bakhily.ukr products is carried out by carriers and at the expense of the recipient.

When concluding long-term supply contracts or large volumes, the conditions are negotiated individually.

The goods are dispatched within 1-3 days from the moment of payment for the goods. Depending on the workload of the company's warehouse.

Since our company at the moment does not have its own transport, we offer the shipment of the goods by the three most popular carriers in Ukraine. Which have the most representative offices throughout Ukraine. Namely:

· New mail

· Intime

· UkrPochta

Each of the carriers has its advantages. The choice is only for you, with whom you are more comfortable working.

The dispatch of the goods by the settled payment is spent ONLY for the constant clients of the company Bakhily.ukr

Delivery of goods to the recipient at large volumes is possible and companies that offer delivery of consolidated cargo and preload. Which is much cheaper.