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Shoe covers for SK-CM cassette

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Shoe covers for the device SK-CM cassette is a box in which the shoe covers are specially enclosed so that the device can hook them and serve for dressing on the user. The cassette can be filled with different types of shoe covers. Also, their number varies depending on the material, density and volume of the shoe covers inside it.

And so what are the shoe covers for the SK-CM:

1. Shoe covers smooth 2.8 grams / pair are made with polyethylene (PE). They are the most popular. Because there are 100 of them. (50 pairs) in the cassette, they are slightly cheaper.

2. Shoe covers are rough 3.8 grams / pair (with pimples) made of chlorine polyethylene. There are 80 of them in the cassette. (40 pairs). Very well proven in severe weather. They have good density.

3. Shoe covers with non-woven material (spunbond or SMS). In the cassette there are 50 pcs. (25 pairs). Used in a drier environment and have an anti-scratch effect.

With the types of shoe covers figured out, let's analyze how the replacement or initial installation of the cassette into the device takes place. It's very simple, you just need to complete 3 simple steps and the device will be fully ready for use. Replace and install a cassette with shoe covers in the SK-CM will wash even a small child. By the way, what can not be said about such devices, as they have special fasteners, tightening springs and different types of fasteners. To install them, shoe covers need more than one time to train and learn, incorrect installation of shoe covers in such devices will disable the device itself by chewing a boot shoe or causing a cassette with shoe covers to be unusable. The SK-CM is VERY SIMPLE IN SERVICE. And so, step by step, how does everything go:

First step

Take a new cassette with shoe covers to the SK-CM unit and open the top cover in it (there is an arrow on it). Place the plastic plate (box) that comes with the device on the topmost boot shoe. If this is a replacement of the cassette, then it is necessary to remove the old cassette from the apparatus and pull out a plastic plate (box) from it and put it in a new one. Close the cassette in such a way as it was closed before opening, but it already has platinum.

Second step

Turn off the SK-CM if it is turned on. Open the cover of the boot loader, it is on the top of the machine. If this is a replacement of the cassette, then you have already seized the old cassette from the apparatus and shifted the plate. Insert a cassette in the special cell so that the arrow on the top of the cassette is pointing (pointed) to the boot cover.

Third step

Close the cover of the machine. Turn on the SK-CM. After power-on, the device immediately delivers the first shoe cover in the compartment for putting on and lights it, which will be a signal of the machine's full readiness for continuous and stable operation. Adjust the number of loaded shoe covers in the cassette for countdown by the machine. The number of shoe covers in the cassette depends on the type of shoe covers selected.

Well, that's it! The device is fully ready for use!

If you have any questions, please call or write. Our specialists will be happy to help you.

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