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Machine for putting on shoe covers mechanical Clintoper

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Mechanical device for putting shoe covers on the user's foot. The principle of operation is quite simple. It consists in the fact that when loading shoe covers into the dispenser, you stretch them yourself and fasten them in 4 edges with clips. In the place of attachment the built-in mechanism, which has a so-called "descent". It is in the center of the dispenser itself. In order to put a boot on the leg, the user needs to click on the "descent" and it will work releasing the upper shoe, which in turn will be fixed on the foot due to the rubber bands.

In turn, in the drawings:

Step one

Step two

Step three

On the video you can see how the shoe covers are loaded into the device and how it works. By the way, this device is of two types. With different kinds of mechanisms. On the first video with a bracket-and-ring fastening, the boot covers on the second with the clip clip (without the rings)

The difference is only in the method of fastening and the design itself. Their price is the same as the work itself. The difference is only in shoe covers. More details about this will be consulted by our managers.

Such devices are reliable, easy to use. Do not require much space and are generally mobile. X can be installed at least in the smallest place near the door.

The device for dressing shoe covers is completely mechanical and does not require an electrical connection. Which makes it mobile.


Material: Aluminum / plastic

Capacity of shoe covers depending on density is 30-50 pieces (15-25 pairs)

Dimensions (heightHidth of the Depth) 440х155х230 mm

Country of origin China

A small cost of a dispenser for shoe covers makes it quite affordable and popular.

They are increasingly found in many institutions such as: medical, food, industrial, warehousing, pharmaceutical enterprises, beauty salons, hairdressers, spas, fitness and gyms, swimming pools, museums, offices, kindergartens, photo-video studios, as well as Many other enterprises, both budget and private.

The main advantage of the dispenser for shoe covers is convenience. All of us now are struggling for comfort, both for ourselves and for our visitors. The latter very much appreciate the care of them from different angles and trifles. So the dispenser (clintop) for shoe covers is one of those trifles. When dressing hand shoe covers, the visitor celebrates discomfort, bends his back, spoils his hands, gets angry when the shoe covers do not open. In such cases, you need to buy a dispenser for shoe covers! He will solve this entire problem forever.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you with a choice and give a sensible advice based on many years of experience.

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