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The device for putting on shoe covers STEPSTAR COMFORT

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The thermal apparatus for creating a shoe cover on the user's foot has long been not a novelty. But nevertheless is in great demand. The essence of the device itself is that it operates on electricity and is stationary. Designed for a large flow of visitors.

What is his working principle?

Apparatus STEPSTAR COMFORT analogue of its predecessor STEPSTAR differ two apparatus design, dimensions, and the presence of the handle for convenience in dressing.

This unit operates due to the shrink film and the flow of hot, precisely directed air flow. Which grasps the user's leg and forms a bootleg directly on his leg. At the same time, without burning or heating the leg. Since the air flow is very accurate and excludes injured ones.


• Designed for a larger flow of visitors and is a professional sanitary and hygienic equipment

• Thermo shrink film forms a shoe cover on the leg in about 4-5 seconds

• STEPSTAR COMFORT is suitable for any footwear including women's thin and high heels and massive cumbersome and winter men's shoes

• Thermo shrink film is very strong and resistant to tears.

• There are enough rolls for 900 pairs of shoes.

• Simple and comfortable to use

• Very quickly pays off - the right investment in comfort

• This unit is stationary and electric.

• Ideal for any application, including medicine, laboratories, food and many other areas.


Color silver

Weight 18.00kg

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