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Shoe covers 2 grams    Shoe covers 2 grams of steam ...
Shoe covers 2 grams    Shoe covers 2 grams of steam is widely used in summer. Due to their low density, they are ideal for summer shoes. Perfectly sit on shoes, even on women's thin heels. Data shoe covers should not be confused with Ch..
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Shoe covers, nonwoven, low
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Surgical shoe covers

    Shoe covers are special non-woven disposable covers for shoes, whose purpose is to protect the environment and premises from getting there dirt, dust, moisture. In a word, shoe covers are needed to maintain maximum sterility and purity.

    Probably, no one will argue that the cleanliness in the operating rooms should be perfectly sterile, that's why there are special surgical shoe covers. Such shoe covers are high, disposable, made of light and strong material - spunbond. Thanks to such shoe covers, surgeons and nearby medical personnel may not worry about leakage and leakage of water and moisture. Shoe covers are resistant to the effects of unwanted acids and alkaline materials. The texture of such shoe covers can prevent the sliding of the floor covering, which minimizes the fall.

    In addition, such shoe covers should be put on by everyone who will be in the operating room, for example, in the hospital if the husband or close people of the child in childbirth will be present during the operation of cesarean section.

    Surgical shoe covers can be made with different density and thickness, can be on elastic bands or with strings. On average, the standard density of shoe covers is 25 or 42 grams per square meter, the standard height is 52 cm, the most popular color is blue, but can be with a different color.

    On our website you can buy cheap or order surgical shoe covers, the price of which depends on the above factors and the number of shoe covers in one order.

    Our company Bakhily.ukr sells shoe covers, which differ in such criteria:

§ Persistent in use;

§ Comfortable;

§ Safe;

§ Strong;

§ Aesthetic;

§ Non-toxic;

§ Hypoallergenic;

§ Resistant to acids and alkalis;

§ Breathable;

§ Waterproof.

    Buy shoe covers from us and enjoy high quality products and their low price!