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About Us

Our advantages::


The first online supermarket shoe covers in Ukraine.


The widest range of shoe covers on the market.


Proven and guaranteed quality of the goods.


100% replacement of defective shoe covers.


The lowest price on the market.


Flexible system of discounts for each client.


Realization of the goods to wholesale customers at individual prices.


Convenient ways of payment and delivery of your goods.

A few words about us


Бахилы.укр – the first online shoe covers and supermarket equipment for their putting and sales.

Our store has collected a wide range of products proven producers like Ukraine and China. We guarantee the quality of goods sold, and not just in words but in deeds. We do replace defective products or products with marriage.

The goal of our store is to achieve maximum comfort for our customers in the purchase of shoe covers. Our specialists alongside you the product that is right under your criteria, taking into account your wishes and budget.

When using our internet store you can order a shoe with minimal losses for a time. Our team is constantly updating services and works to improve resource. Every day we are getting better.