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Polyethylene shoe covers for Clintopers 50 pairs

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  • Product Code: Бахилы полиэтиленовые для Клинтопера 50 пар
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Shoe covers for a mechanical device for dressing shoe covers (aka clinker or dispenser) with smooth polyethylene (PE) are widely used by many industries. Because they are very practical, reliable and do not flow. And the fact that the dispenser wears shoe covers leg automatically when you click on the shoe cover, makes them irreplaceable. The shoe covers themselves have the most popular density of 3 grams of steam. The popular given density of shoe covers is that they are relatively inexpensive, able to withstand up to 2 hours of socks and friction on the floor. The mechanical dispenser is convenient for users so that when wearing shoe covers the user does not have contact with the legs, does not bend the back and does not get discomfort from it.

Characteristics of the shoe covers for the dispenser (clincher):

Quantity - 100 pcs. (50 pairs)

Material - Pure polyethylene (PP) is not to be confused with chlorinated polyethylene (which is pimply and is a secondary material)!

The density is 2.8-3.2 grams of steam (the difference in range is because the film does not wash physically to be perfectly uniform as well as elastic because such a difference.)

Shoe covers for a dispenser or clintopper are inserted into the apparatus itself very simply. Having 4 fixing points. They are also called shoe covers with clips or shoe covers for a dispenser. A cunning system helps them to hold securely in the device itself and when pressed click on the user's foot. The video shows the whole example of how to install shoe covers and how to use the dispenser.

But still we'll figure out how to install the shoe covers in the dispenser:

First step

Open the dispenser cover by releasing the latch.

Second step

Insert the shoe covers into the dispenser. On the shoe covers there are clips on each side, they need to be loaded in turn into the connectors in each corner of the dispenser, so that they do not intertwine and twist.

Third step

It's easiest to close the dispenser cover. And he is ready to work completely!

Ideal solution for medical institutions of dental clinics and offices, food production, warehouses, workshops, beauty salons, hairdressing salons, spa centers and many other institutions.

A big advantage is that the clintopper, the same dispenser for shoe covers, mechanically puts them on their feet without unnecessary effort. Which is very convenient. Do not bend over, dirty your hands on your own shoes, feel awkward when dressing your hand shoe covers. Clintopper or dispenser does everything for you.

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