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Apparati for nadevanyya shoe Cleanroom

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The device for putting on shoe covers CLEANROOM is one of the most clever adaptations that mankind has come up with. This device allows you to put on shoe covers without bending over. This kind of wearing shoe covers is very convenient and just necessary for pregnant women and people at an advanced age.

Thanks to such a device, for putting on shoe covers it will take much less time than in case when you will put shoe covers on yourself manually. CLEANROOM allows you to make this simple and simultaneously difficult process four times faster.

This unit is famous for the fact that it does not need power, it is easy to use and has a handrail, which makes the process of putting on more convenient. The fact that this unit does not require power supplies gives him even more odds, since it is possible to buy or order an equipment for putting on cleanroom shoe not only in large companies, but also in small rooms where there are no wiring and sockets. This device is small, this once again proves the need for its acquisition.

Among the main features of this device for putting on shoe covers is that it accommodates a volume of up to 220 pieces of shoe covers; The device is equipped with a window, which makes it easy to control the remaining shoe covers; In order to fill the device with shoe covers, it takes only a few seconds. In addition to all the above features, this unit has a rear part and sides, which are made of stainless steel.

The device for putting on a bootroom cleanroom takes one of the first positions in this market, its price on our site is one of the most competitive.

To buy or order this device you need hospitals, companies, schools, hotels, food industry facilities, dairy plants, construction industry objects, exhibition halls, experimental houses, laboratories, industrial enterprises, offices, protected objects, in short, where cleanliness and Order of premises.

This unit is very easy to clean and disinfect. It has two roller wheels on the back, which facilitates the rapid and easy advancement of the boot covers in the apparatus.

The device for putting on shoe covers is characterized by the following characteristics:

Quantity: 1;

Color: white, gray;

Weight: 20.00 kg;

Dimensions: Length - 74.00 centimeters, Width - 30.00 centimeters, Height - 73.00 centimeters.

The cost of this device on our site is small, but this does not contradict its excellent characteristics. You can buy or order inexpensively on our online store products both retail and wholesale. We remind you that our main office is in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, but we work throughout Ukraine and abroad.

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