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Shoe covers 6 grams with a double bottom

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  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бахилы 6 грамм с двойным дном
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Shoe covers 6 grams of steam with a double bottom.

    Shoe covers 6 grams of steam with a double bottom are very strong and reliable novelty from domestic manufacturers. This combination of two types of film showed a good result. The elastic in this bootie, as well as in the rest, is soldered into the film itself, which gives great strength and elasticity. A double bottom will allow you to wear shoe covers on any shoes in any, even in the harshest weather. Such shoe covers reliably protect against the flow of moisture and dirt. As practice shows, in winter the sidewalks are sprinkled with salt and chemical means, which in turn rozhedaet polyethylene. Our shoe covers 6 grams with a double bottom will not allow this.

    On the video you can see the strength of our shoe covers and make sure of the reliability of the rubber bands and the density of the film by weight.

    In the production of shoe covers, primary polyethylene is used, without a powder additive for weight gain, not recyclable. The elastic is made of a reliable latex. Double bottom provides a double guarantee of protection. There is no similar shoe cover in the Chinese market. It is unique in its quality.

    Shoe covers packed in 100 pieces 50 pairs. There are 1000 pairs in the box. It is possible to sell in bulk in 1,2,5 thousand pairs in polyethylene bags.

    Buy shoe covers with a double bottom is easy. Call us or leave your request through the site. Our experts will contact you shortly.

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