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Automatic machine for putting on shoe covers SK-CL

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Automatic device for putting on shoe covers SK-CL is equipped with a microcomputer, which allows him to control the number of remaining shoe covers in the cassette. But the main advantage of these devices is that the microprocessor controls the capture of ONLY one shoe covers, excluding the issuance and dressing of several shoe covers simultaneously. Also, SK-CL is equipped with a sensor that monitors the presence of an obstacle in the bag for dressing shoe covers, which is very practical and convenient. In this way, the SK-CL can not shovel the shoe cover or break the mechanism against the obstacle and, what is more important, excludes the possibility to clamp the foot to the user. The device is equipped with LED illumination of the booty clothing section. SK-CL intelligent device for putting on shoe covers. The smartest and most practical device for putting on shoe covers SK-CL has a super large capacity. Cassettes with shoe covers can have up to 200 pcs. Depending on the density and material themselves shoe covers.

!!! This product is delivered on 100% prepayment. Delivery period 3 - 7 weeks !!!

As for the model range. There are 4 models of this unit:

SK-CL-W: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in white color.

SK-CL-S: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in Silver color.

SK-CL-WH: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in white color with a strong metal handle for easy installation.

SK-CL-SH: The device for putting on shoe covers is made in Silver color with a strong metal handle for easy installation.

Another advantage is that shoe covers can be both PE and CPE and non-woven material (spunbond). What makes the device for putting on shoe covers SK-CL a multifunctional.

For example, shoe covers with PE (polyethylene) can be used in summer, and in a more severe period in winter, autumn, in spring, you can use CPE (chloropolyethylene), non-woven shoe covers can be used in dry rooms on shoe shoes, or to provide anti-scratch effect.

The SK-CL is equipped with a counter screen that shows the rest of the shoe covers in the cassette, it is a very convenient function that signals when to replace the shoe cassette.

Shoe covers for the device are very easy to install. The video is an example of how this is done.

But still let's take a step at a time as it happens. So:

First step:

Take the cassette with shoe covers for the SK-CL. Open its top cover as indicated on the picture (where there is an arrow, then the top). And put a plastic plate (box) in it on the topmost boot. After closing the cassette since it was before opening but it's already with a plastic plate inside.

The second step:

Turn the machine off if it is on. Open the cover to load the cassettes into the machine, it is located at the top of the machine (seen in the picture). Insert the cassette into the special cell so that the arrow on the top of the cassette points to the boot-opening compartment (the boot cover).

The third step:

Close the open cover and turn it on. After turning on the device will feed and open the first shoe covers from the cassette. Then adjust the number of loaded shoe covers in the cassette for the countdown by the machine.

That's all the device for putting on shoe covers SK-CL is fully ready for work!

By the way, there is another device for putting on shoe covers SK-CM is different only in the number of load shoe covers and sizes. It is less than twice.

And so, how to use such a device? The method of use is very simple: When the SK-CL shoe covers are put into operation, one shoe covers automatically. For the user, you just need to put your foot in the machine, and touch the bottom of the shoe cover as it is immediately worn by the user. ONLY then When the user removes the leg, the device immediately automatically opens the next shoe cover for donning to the other leg of the user.

Let's look at an example, how everything happens, step by step:

First step:

The second step:

The third step:

Also watch the video as it happens and see the simplicity and reliability of the SK-CL:

It's time to start discussing the advantages over other similar devices. And so let's see in the report of what is better than the Apparatus for putting SK-CL shoe on from its rivals, we will highlight 5 problems that have already been resolved and are long behind thanks to SK-CL:

Sphere of application: Clinics, hospitals, medical institutions, cosmetology, dentistry, fitness clubs, production facilities, laboratories of all types, dust-free shops and all rooms where dust-free cleanliness is required.

Parameters of the device for putting on shoe covers SK-CL:

Dimensions (GxWxH): 68 x 36 x 105 cm.

Power supply: 220V 50HZ / 110V 60HZ

Power consumption: 50W

Operating voltage inside the device: DC12V

Capacity of one load (Cassette / box):

Shoe covers made of PE: 200 pcs. (100 pairs) per box (cassette)

Bache of CPE: 160 pcs. (80 pairs) per box (casset)

Boots of non-woven material (Spunbond): 100 pieces (50 pairs) per box (cassette)

Packing: 1 pc. In the box

The weight of the SK-CL is 28 kg.

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