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Mobile phone for putting on shoe covers Classic

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Classic mobile phone from becker is very popular due to its low weight, compactness, and most importantly its simplicity and reliability.

The device for putting on shoe covers Classic combines simplicity with comfort. Due to the relatively high loading capacity of 55 pairs, the shoe covers make itself irreplaceable, and most importantly a mobile device.

This unit has a high mobility and can be found both in large rooms and in very small ones. Very compact and reliable, will ensure the comfort of visitors and exclude unsanitary conditions both the premises and the cleanliness of the visitor's hands. Do not have to suffer and bend your back when putting on simple shoe covers. Do not wash your hands after wearing shoe covers, since there is no direct contact with either the bootleg or the shoes.

The right solution for many institutions such as: medical centers, clinics, dentistry, cosmetology, spa centers, fitness clubs, galleries, exhibitions, museums, food production, pharmaceutical production and many other applications.

In the video, you can clearly see how the device works and see how to install new boot covers for further work.



Capacity of shoe covers for one load is 110 pcs. (55 pairs)

The weight of the device is 8.5 kg.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 70.00cm x 32.00cm x 28.00cm

If you have any questions, call us or write, our managers solve all your questions and will help you to build on your many years of experience.

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