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A machine for wearing Comfort

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The device for putting on shoe covers COMFORT is famous for its simplicity in use and a relatively small price. In our online store the price for this device is the smallest among all in this market. At us you can order or buy this device in one click for putting on shoe covers. To do this, it is only necessary to leave an electronic application on this site or call our managers who will not only accept your order, but also be able to consult on all issues related to our product, its main characteristics, and also orient the price policy on the date of order.

Let's take a closer look at this device for putting on shoe covers COMFORT.

This unit is designed to automatically put on shoe covers. Now you do not need to bend over and be for a long time in a very uncomfortable position. In order to put on shoe covers, it's enough just to step on the dash, which is indicated on the apparatus and the mechanism will put the shoe on your leg. Do not worry about "suitable - not suitable for me", this unit is suitable for any category of the population, as it puts shoe covers on any size of the foot and on any type of shoes, whether it's sneakers or elegant women's shoes on the hairpin.

A brief description of the way this device is used: the visitor needs to step on a special outline, which is on the stand of the device, while the shoe covers will fully automatically wrap the shoes. In this way, the shoe covers are completely formed on the shoes without any discomfort.

The cost of such a device is not great for us and is available to virtually any enterprise with a diverse range of activities. The comfort device can afford to buy medical facilities, laboratories, fitness centers, sports clubs, sanatoriums, health facilities, catering facilities, food enterprises, computer centers, public buildings, offices, museums, schools, kindergartens and absolutely all institutions where Cleanliness and order must be observed.

By purchasing from us a device for putting on shoe covers COMFORT you can 4 times faster to put on shoe covers, in comparison, when you put shoe covers on hand. The device does not need power, it can be put in any corner, so it will not interfere with anyone, but will only bring benefit and satisfaction. It is easy to use, and also equipped with a handrail to hold on to it while dressing shoe covers. The device for putting on shoe covers has a window through which you can easily control the remaining shoe covers. For one load, the device holds up to 220 shoe covers.

Our main office is in the city of Kiev, Ukraine, but we work throughout the country, as well as with foreign countries. When buying our goods in bulk, we offer you an additional discount. Her price will depend on the number of goods wholesale.

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