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Device for putting on shoe covers STEPSTAR

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In the era of new technologies, a group of goods entered the medical goods as a device for putting on a shoe. At our site you can buy or order a Stepstar bowl for a cheap price.

What are the benefits of this device?

This unit works with a shrink film of the new technology. This function allows you to shape the bowls directly on the leg. That is, in order for the shoe to be on your shoe, you just have to step on the device and pull on as much of the film as it needs for your leg size.

This device, besides the direct shaping of the shoe on the foot, is also beautiful because the film used in the device tightens the shoes tightly, this applies to any size of foot and any type of shoe, be it sneakers or ladies' high heel shoes or a hairpin.

As already mentioned above, this Stepstar apparatus works with a shrink film, which in turn is rolled up in a roll. This allows you to maintain the compactness and simplicity of the device for putting on the shoe. Also, this version of the film makes refueling the machine in the most compressed terms. To do this, you just have to pull out the old roller and put a new one in its place with a full winding film.

One of the features of this device is that it is designed for a large number of visitors, it is stable and reliable. Any firm or clinic, which has a large flow of customers, is simply obliged to buy this device for putting on the shoe Stepstar, especially since it costs us cheaply. In addition to its direct responsibility - to create a bowl on the legs, this device in the direct sense of the word, can increase the flow of visitors, and hence your income, because in order to fully form the bowls, he only needs 4 seconds. Also, this device will become a find for pregnant women, adolescent people and people with limited physical abilities, because in order to "get" shoals, now it will not be necessary to bend and stay in a very, say, not so convenient posture. In addition, this device prevents a sudden rupture of the shoe when fitted, which often happens in women with long manicure.

!!! This product is delivered on 100% prepayment. Delivery period 3 - 7 weeks !!!

The Stepstar Shoe Bag has the following characteristics:

Quantity: 1;

Color: silvery - black;

Weight: 21.00 kg;

Dimensions: Length - 80.00 centimeters, Width - 44.5 centimeters, Height - 33.00 centimeters.

Our head office is in Kiev, Ukraine, but we work with the whole country as well as abroad. Order this unit with us and make sure the value of our product is much lower than other suppliers in this market.

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