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Shoe covers for COMFORT / CLASSIC

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Shoe covers for COMFORT / CLASSIC machines are of four types. Each of them is good in its own right and performs its task.

· The first type of shoe covers are CPE shoe covers (chlorinated polyethylene). The most common shoe covers are due to their accessibility and wide conciliation in various spheres. Good for everyday wear in dry weather. Will withstand a little moisture. The time spent in shoe covers before they are rubbed is no more than an hour and a half. In the cassette is 110 pcs. (55 pairs)

Shoe covers with strong CPE (chlorinated polyethylene). Created specifically for severe weather conditions. Withstand slush, pisok, dust, dirt. Resistant to rubbing and to massive shoes, just do not break through on thin heels. In the cassette is 110 pcs. (55 pairs)

· Shoe covers with anti-slip coating with CPE chlorine polyethylene coated with TPE Thermoplastic elastomers), designed for slippery surfaces, very wear-resistant. In cassette 110 pcs. (55 pairs)

· Shoe covers made of non-woven fabric, processed outside CPE, designed for rooms with glossy surfaces, prevent scratching of the floor, protect from moisture, dust, dirt, traces. Impossible for museums, exhibitions, events. In the cassette is 110 pcs. (55 pairs)

Shoe covers for COMFORT / CLASSIC machines are identical and interchangeable because the principle of fasteners and the delivery of shoe covers are the same for the machines. The installation must be observed in accordance with the instruction so as not to damage the cassette with shoe covers. It can be disbanded and shoe covers simply crumbling, after which they can not be installed in the apparatus. To avoid this problem, let's examine how to properly install them step by step.

 And so the first step:

For the COMFORT, open the top cover to load the shoe covers into the machine. For the CLASSIC this is the back cover (from the rear end of the unit). Then insert the cassette with shoe covers in the special cells (correctly get into the grooves), so that the arrow on the shoe covers points down the device and was face up to the booty clipping compartment in the COMFORT. In the CLASSIC, it must be installed in such a way that the arrow faces the front of the device.

Step two:

It is necessary to untie bound knobs in the center of the cassette, namely the tape that holds the shoe covers in the center. Then remove the cardboard on which the arrow is drawn, pulling it up. After that, it is necessary to remove the protective snap rings from the cassette on both sides of the fastening of the shoe covers in the cells. After the sealed rings have been removed, the latches on both sides must be snapped into place.

Step Three:

At the end, you need to close the lid and pull out the first shoe by hand.

That's all. The device is fully ready for stable operation!

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