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Shoe covers 3 grams 1,000 pairs / pack

₴ 750.00 грн.
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бахіли 3 грами
  • Availability: In Stock


Shoe covers 3 grams

    Buy shoe covers 3 grams of steam, you can on our site with a benefit for themselves. The price will pleasantly surprise you, as online store bakhily.ukr has the most loyal price policy.

    Regarding the most shoe covers 4 grams of steam, we recommend them in winter, or in autumn and spring during rains, snow, excessive moisture and dirt. Unlike shoe covers 2 and 3 grams, these shoe covers have more strength and density, providing reliable protection against increased moisture and dirt.

    Bajila 4 grams of steam has a very strong elastic band, dense polyethylene. On the video, you can see the strength of the buckle itself and its rubber band.

    Compared with the Chinese shoe cover, our shoe covers 3 grams are produced from pure primary polyethylene without additives. Due to this, they are very elastic and durable.

    Online store bakhily.ukr guarantees for all of its products. We will replace shoe covers of inadequate quality. That is, we replace the possible marriage. Which unfortunately happens in any sprouted, because there are both mechanical and human factors.

    By purchasing shoe covers on our website, you can be assured of the quality and reliability of your supplier.

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