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Shoe covers 3.5 grams 1,000 pairs / pack

₴ 770.00 грн.
  • Brand: Украина
  • Product Code: Бахилы 3.5 грамма
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Shoe covers 2.5 grams of steam is widely used in the summer. Due to their low density, they are ideal for summer shoes. Perfectly sit on shoes even on women's thin heels. These shoe covers should not be confused with the Chinese. Chinese shoe covers (those with pimples) use recycled materials. Adding to it a special powder that adds weight and, accordingly, density. She is quite deceiving. Since pulling the film itself, it instantly gives microcracks. Which immediately pass dust, moisture, dirt. Very often, Chinese shoe covers are torn in the process of dressing. Since the polyethylene itself is with powder and does not have elasticity. And the soldered gum is basically of very poor quality, although for a frequent break it breaks in the corners on a spike. Our shoe covers are made from primary polyethylene and have a "rustling" effect. Shoe-resistant shoe covers, resistant to wipe. All this due to the primary pure polyethylene. The gum in our shoe covers is like the film of domestic production itself. Despite the low weight, the shoe cover is very durable and elastic. The film itself stretches, but does not crack like a Chinese one. Elastic band in latex shoe covers. The sealing along the edges is continuous without overlays. Which in turn gives more strength since the gum is soldered to the film itself. Providing maximum strength.

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